Friday, June 3, 2011

The blueberries taste like blueberries...

  Today Morgan and I joined our friends Lilley and Sabrina at the blueberry orchard.

At first, Morgan wasn't quite sure what it was I was trying to teach her to do, but once she realized that it was food we were taking off of these plants she really got in to it.
It is a miracle that any blueberries made it into our bucket at all! She loved eating the "fruits or her labor" :).

This little orchard was literally only 5 minutes away from our house and it was such a fun outing for the kids. Apparently, they have a story time for kids in the morning and they show movies at night.
 Morgan LOVED running down the rows of plants. It was great timing too because right when we got home she was so tired she was begging for a nap.

Of course I wanted to make good use of our hand picked berries so I made blueberry waffles for dinner. Gotta love Breakfast for dinner. :)

Thank you Sabrina and Lilley for inviting us to come with you. We had a great time and would love to head back again soon. :)

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F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

How cute!! You captured some awesome picture of your baby girl...they're growing up too fast aren't they!! :) She's gorgeous!