Sunday, July 31, 2011

Party on

My parent's 50th anniversary. What a great reason to celebrate!! Their children tried their best to make it a fun day for them, and I think we succeeded :)

I mentioned before that they received tons of cards from old friends and family. It was fun to see my parents open them up and feel so loved. 

My sister, Melissa put together a list of "momisms" and "dadisms".  Basically, a list of different quotes or sayings we remember our parents saying to us growing up.  My dad had a little longer of a list because he tends to reuse his material a little more. Anyone that has ever called my house to speak to someone other than my dad has experience some of this first hand.  Melissa also put together a list of songs that represent different moments of their life together. What was great is as she was saying a song we all started singing the song out loud together. It was completely unplanned, but made the presentation even better.

Ted, my brother-in-law put himself in charge of the food and made some great barbeque.

I interviewed my parents individually and asked them some questions about when they first met and how the proposal happened. What their favorite vacation was, what they believe their spouses best quality is etc...  It was kind of fun to see what answers they came up with and it made me realize that I didn't know about their first date or anything like that before so I learned a lot.

My other sister, Lezlea printed a couple of my parents wedding photos and had them framed for them because we noticed that they didn't have any around the house.

My brother, Brent made a video using pictures. He made one section that was all about my parents dating, wedding and then their kids and then he made one with EVERYONE in our family as a child. He even asked me to send some pictures of Kevin as a kid to sneak in there. It was great because as we were watching it Kevin was completely surprised.

Although the party was mostly just family we were lucky enough to have a few close family friends come as well.  One being my friend, Elizabeth. She lives in Nashville and was able to drive over and celebrate with us.
I think the party was a huge success and I know my parents saw just how loved they truly are :)

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