Friday, July 1, 2011

Pictures at the park

Ok so I have to admit it...last night and this morning were pretty rough for me.  Some of it because Morgan is teething and feeling uncomfortable which causes more screaming and crying than normal.  Some of it because I am feeling stressed over bills and money.  I had a good break down this morning, picked myself and Morgan up and headed to the park.

First, we played with chalk and then I followed her around taking some pictures as she played.  For a while I have been looking forward to the time when she was more stable and could (for the most part) get around the playground by herself.  Although, I am excited we have gotten to that point, It also reminds me how fast we got here.  It is hard believe how big she is sometimes.
I must say...playing with her and taking these pictures made me feel a little better :)

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