Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday, Kevin's parents joined us for a trip to the Pumpkin patch. We were planning on going later in the month, but Kevin's work schedule is kind of taking up all his weekends so this was the best one for it.

Morgan really doesn't look at me when I want to take pictures anymore (SO FRUSTRATING), so I really didn't get any good ones of her with the pumpkins themselves. I tried my best to at least get some good "action" shots. This is what I got.

First thing we did was watch some pig races.

Morgan rode a pony for the first time.

I think she was having fun. She just had this kind of blank expression on her face the whole time. She loves animals, but she may be a little like me and not like to be the center of attention. We were all watching her waiting to see what she would do.

Morgan seemed to really wake up when we went to the petting zoo. She put her face right in a goose's face. Scared me, but luckily the goose didn't do anything. Then she chased a rooster around and AROUND the pen. Someone opened the door, letting the rooster and Morgan out of the area. I had to quickly follow her out and watched as Morgan chased that rooster under a fence to the horses. She kept saying "chicken come back" over and over again.

Morgan also really liked chasing grandma around the corn maze.

Morgan and I took a little "train" ride to finish the day off and then we all left and went to Sonic. Yum cherry limeaid :)

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