Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Tour guide Part 2

The next day I took them to eat at Ruby's on the pier in Seal Beach. Then later that night I took them to do something I have been wanting to do for a while. Kevin and I live near a horse race track and I was excited when I mentioned it to the guys and they were totally down with going. None of us had any idea what we were doing so we asked a really nice attendant and she helped us out. Before you bet you can go over to the holding area to look at all the horses and get a feel for which one you think will win. They also have programs with stats of how they have placed in previous races. When you place a bet you can bet as little as 1 dollar and you can guess whether you think the horse will win, place (1st or 2nd), or show (1st,2nd or 3rd). For the first race I put $3 on Cruisin the Loop and $3 on Queen Stella both to show. They both did and I think I got $4 dollars on top of my bet. All of us picked well and won something. The second race Mark came out on top. He bet that his horse would come in first and it did. I think he won $29. We all had a blast.

After the race track we headed over to the Queen Mary. They have turned parts of the ship into haunted mazes. The first one we went into was scary, but after that they were kind of weak. The Scariest park was looking at all of the innards of the ship. The boiler room and a drained pool. Overall it was fun but when it was over I had a terrifying thought. Am I too old for this? NAH!

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