Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend tour guide part 3

The next day we were all pretty tired so we didn't push ourselves too much. Kevin took us all to the big belly deli. It has a fun surfer shack feel. There were pictures up all over the walls of people scuba diving, hiking, vacationing in other countries, and even a whole wedding party holding of signs that say "I would rather be at the big belly deli". I can see why...the sandwiches are great!

After the deli we walked around downtown Disney for a while and then just came back to my house to watch Iron Man.

Mark and Enoch left that night to go stay at one of Enoch's friends houses. I hope that had a fun time and felt like they made a good choice in coming to California instead of Las Vegas. It was good to have you guys. Y'all come back now, Ya hear.

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