Monday, April 12, 2010


We went up to Kevin's parents house for Easter. I had really planned on taking more pictures than I did. I was hoping to get a nice picture of the whole family outside, but nope didn't happen. I also bought Morgan little bunny ears to wear and I realize I didn't even take her picture with them. Oh well....Maybe next year.

OH and I have to says Thank you again to my Dear friend Elizabeth. She made Morgan this adorable dress.  Even though it may be a tiny bit too big for her. I thought it made a perfect Easter dress!


Elizabeth Moon said...

Oh I was hoping I'd get to see it on her! So adorable!

F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

Your little girl is so adorable! They grow up so fast don't they?!!

tammy lu said...

I love her dress! And she is so beautiful!