Sunday, April 18, 2010

Salvation Mountain

On our way home from Glamis we took a detour. We headed down hwy 111, towards Niland, California, to a place called Salvation Mountain.

Does this look familiar to you? If so, you might have seen it in a little movie called Into the wild. I have seen the movie and read the book so it was pretty cool to see this up close.

This Mountain was hand build out of tires, hay, sticks and basically any other scraps that could be found by a now 90 year old man named Leonard Knight. It has a pretty simple message. God is love. People have been so touched by what he was doing that they donate money and materials and some art students will come donate their time. They help him touch up the paint and keep it fresh looking. We actually got to meet Leonard and he was so excited to show us what he had done and tell us how he did it. What a neat way to be remembered after you are gone. That all you wanted to do was spread a simple (and in my opinion true) message.God is Love.

Morgan's poor little cheeks are so red. The desert was so dry that her skin reacted to it.
That is Leonard in the cowboy hat. He is explaining to us how he is expanding everything.
Here Kerry and Kevin are walking up the "yellow brick road".

If you want to read more about Leonard and his Salvation Mountain click here. : )

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The Jones Family said...

oh my gosh i love it! i totally saw this movie and immediately recognized it! is he the same guy in the movie? I thought he was so cute in the movie- all excited and proud of what he did. too cute!