Thursday, April 15, 2010


The men in Kevin's family have all gotten into off-roading. Each family it seems own a side by side and head up to the desert whenever their schedule allows. I have never been and Kevin hadn't been since he was like nine. SO..when Kevin's father invited us to accompany him this past weekend we jumped at the chance.

We camped in Kerry's motor home and soon after we arrived we were joined by 7 or 8 other families. The trailers made a circle, a friendly little community of people there to relax and have fun.

Here is our view from the motor home.
 It may not look like it  here, but those dunes can really be intimidating. The first couple of days I was kind of freaked out by the big stuff, but since I told myself I would try (ALMOST) anything I decided to suck it up and let the fear go. Plus, it didn't hurt that our 5 year old nephew was riding in the back of one of them. I figured nothing bad can happen. They aren't gonna put him in serious danger. :)

 You know, riding in the dunes is sort of like a choose your own adventure book. You never have the same ride twice. Man, I loved those books when I was little.

You see a lizard run in the sand. To keep driving turn to page 40. To stop and try to catch it turn to page 23.
 After you set the lizard free you spot a memorial in the distance. To drive by turn to page 48. To stop and take pictures turn to page 53.
 Apparently, when you go camping with the Shaw's you have to experience one of their family traditions.
Behold the chili size.
It is chili served over a hamburger patty. Before I met Kevin I had never in my life heard of such a thing, but it surprisingly wasn't bad.

 Poor little Morgan was such a trooper. It got pretty hot out there and we tried our best to make sure she was cool. Oh and as you can see she is sucking her thumb in this picture. We don't know what happened. One day she traded in her pacifier for her thumb and she never looked back.

 Kerry thanks again for inviting us. It lifted our spirits and let us have a little fun during this rough time. We love you! Oh and don't think I forgot about the picture of you and sophie. :)
 This is Kerry driving the motor home with his dog Sophie on his lap. She would try to do this off and on the whole trip. I don't think she realizes she is a wee bit too big to be a lap dog. I don't think Kerry minds though. You can tell that she has become a good friend.


The Jones Family said...

that looks SOOOOOO fun!!! i am so jealous! the sand, the sun, the fun... good memories i bet.

erinmillson said...

So cool! Is it like a cross between a go-cart and a jet ski? If so, I think I might like it (because you know how I feel about go-carts and jet skis) :) Also, I can't believe how big Morgan is! She is absolutely adorable. Miss your face, lady!