Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July weekend

To celebrate the holiday this year our friends, the Wilson's, came over for a cook out. (that is my southern verbiage for ya) We had the traditional hamburgers and hot dogs along with some yummy guacamole that Joey made. For dessert I made these! They were so good!

Kevin pulled his charger out of the garage to show Joey and that just ended up where we took some family pictures.
We live one street over from a military base and every year they have a street carnival with games and bounce houses and they also have a fireworks show. This was the first year we actually went and it was fun. I was actually impressed because Morgan actually watched the fireworks. She didn't turn away she was interested the whole time.

Monday morning Joey and Christina came over again, but this time without their kids. Kevin and Joey stayed home and played video games and Christina and I went to see Eclipse. I must say I enjoyed this movie better than the other two. The acting was much better and you got to actually see the interaction between Edward and Bella and maybe see some chemistry.

I came home to a screaming Morgan. She is teething now and Kevin went through the whole list of things Diaper, bottle, singing, rocking, gum numbing medicine, but nothing worked. It seemed that the only thing she wanted was me. I came home and I was able to rock her and sing to her to calm her down. Has anyone else had this problem? Has your kid just wanted you? It is kind of frustrating because I don't want that to happen if we ever leave her with a sitter, but I am hoping it is just during this teething time and she will grow out of it. Mothers if  you have any tips...please pass them on!

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend. Now back to normal life again :)

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