Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baby in the mirror

Morgan has gotten to that stage where she loves looking in the mirror. It is nice because she can entertain herself for a while and I am able to get some stuff done.
sometimes she does a little dance and loves seeing the baby in the mirror dancing back.
As I was sitting here watching her she leaned forward and BAM hit her head against the mirror. I silently gasped and waited for her reaction. I wasn't expecting for her to sit up, look at me, and then turn right back around and do it again and AGAIN. I had to pull her away because it didn't phase her and she started getting a red mark on her forehead. (actually if you go up and look at the first picture again you can see it!)
"Woah look mom there is a baby in the mirror!"

This next picture is of a face that Kevin and I see often. She likes to squnch up her nose and breath in and out really fast. Sort of an attempt at a snort. It is pretty funny and she loves it when we mimic her.
What a silly little girl.

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erinmillson said...

I love the face! And, I love that you've been posting more often :) I want to meet her ASAP, so let me know about the airport situation and I'll look at my frequent flyer miles.