Monday, December 27, 2010

This Christmas

Here are some things we did this year to celebrate Christmas

  • Went to Kevin's parent's house and participated in the Golf cart parade 
  •  Bought a Christmas tree for $10 because it was "less than perfect". (Score!)

  • Tried two new cookie recipes

(This was before the homemade icing was poured on top. Yum!)
  • Celebrated with Kevin's family on Christmas eve eve walking the canals in Naples looking at lights

  • Did NOT get Morgan's picture taken with Santa (oops! I guess there is always next year)
  • Did NOT send out Christmas cards (Man, I am really on a roll here :(
  • Went out to eat on Christmas eve to Claim Jumper with Kevin's parents
  • Hosted Kevin's parents at our place Christmas morning 

  • Nearly suffocated everyone with the smoke coming out of our oven while making this:
 No, Seriously....the smoke alarms went off and we all had to go outside there was so much smoke. Um, Yeah that was wonderful. Luckily, Kevin was able to resolve the issue and everything turned out great. 

  • Did Not take nearly enough pictures of Morgan opening presents
 Kevin won this panda at his work Christmas party and My sister sent her that riding toy. I haven't even had a chance to take a picture of the awesome rocking horse her grandparents got her. Morgan is one lucky little girl to have so many people that love her.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and now let's get ready for a great new year!

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The Jones Family said...

haha dont worry- I didnt have a chance to take Xanders pic w/Santa either- i really wanted to, too... Think of it this way- the later you wait, the more they'll actually remember it :)