Sunday, January 6, 2013

Meet Ruca!

This is our new puppy Ruca.

She is an Australian Blue Heeler (cattle dog) and she is super energetic!

Kevin and I have been married for 6 yrs and we have always wanted a dog, but we always lived in apartments and felt like it just wouldn't be fair to keep a dog in such a small place. Now we  have a yard and a little more room so we thought we could make it work.

We love going to pet stores and making a date night out of playing with puppies and seeing which breed we like the most, but pet stores can be really expensive and if you buy from a breeder they will definitely be expensive. So we looked on CRAIGSLIST :). First time looking we found an ad with pictures of these adorable puppies and we had to check it out.

They were 6 weeks old which is the very earliest you can take a pup from their mama and they man who was selling them said their was only 1 female left out of 5! I think I would have talked myself out of getting her just for a different reason or another, but Kevin gave me a push because I have always wanted a dog. So we got her.

We named her Ruca and you are not alone if you are questioning why. I think almost everyone we tell her name to responds with "How did you come up with that?" Well, originally I liked Veruca like Veruca salt from Willy Wonka, but Kevin vetoed that and I think I'm glad he did. I like just Ruca so much better. Ok, I will also admit that in high school I had a Sublime phase and I really liked that song "Waiting for my Ruca". Either way,  Ruca it is.

I think it was on the 3rd day we had her I was ready to give her back. I have never potty trained a puppy before and they have bladders the size of grapes. I felt like I was constantly in and out and in and out of the house. If I was a second too long I was getting out the carpet cleaner. I also felt like I was being used as a chew toy. I was ready to throw in the towel, but Kevin wouldn't let me. Instead, I checked out some books from the library that the vet recommended to me and started getting educated on just what I should do. It helped A LOT. Now she goes to the door every time she needs to potty and gives us a little more than a second to respond. She still likes to nibble, but it is getting better.

Morgan is her biggest fan. Even if Ruca is jumping up trying to bite her or steal a toy, if I get mad at her, Morgan always tries to tell me it's ok. She says Ruca is her best friend. They are more like siblings with a love/hate relationship at this point, but I know once Ruca matures a little bit and knows how she is expected to behave it will be love only.

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F-A-N-G-U-P-O said...

That's awesome....what a cute little guy! :)