Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thanksgivng 2012

This year for thanksgiving a lot of my family drove up to my sister Melissa's house in North Carolina. Kevin had never been there before so we had planned with Melissa to stay a few days and visit.

 All of Morgan's cousins from the Archer side minus two. Lezleas's kids couldn't make it.

 Gingerbread Train

Collin is learning how to play the guitar. Something that I have always wanted to do. He is pretty good too :)

Morgan and Adam watching a movie.

On our extended visit we did a little sight seeing. We drove over to Mt. Airy, the home town of Mr. Andy Griffith. We checked out Mayberry , the Andy Griffith museum, and ate at Andy's favorite little hole in the wall. Everyone kept talking about this amazing pork chop sandwich and there was a line out the door. Well I tried it and Eh, but when in Rome right?

After we left Mayberry we drove of to Pilot Mountain and checked out the view and take these silly pictures on rocks because we do that :).

The next day Ted, my brother-in-law, took us shooting. This was kind of a big deal for me because I have never shot a gun before and frankly, I have been scared of them. I was ready to get over that and I really enjoyed myself.

Blaine is so much cooler than me!

We had a really nice visit. It went by super quickly.I sure do love my family.

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