Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cross Country adventure day 5


Start in West Memphis, Arkansas-Stop in Cookeville, Tennessee

Graceland! Yep...that is where we went on our last day of travel. I had never been there before, and since my Mother is a HUGE Elvis Presley fan, I was pretty excited to see it. The only bad thing was that it decided to rain really  hard that day. SO....we had to put on our coats and wrap Morgan in a blanket to try and stay dry.

I took a few pictures but I apologize for the quality. They won't let you use a flash inside so some of the pictures are fuzzy. It was a fun tour and interesting to see how "The King" lived.

The dining room
The den. Apparently one TV just isn't enough.
One of the MANY, many places where his gold, platinum, etc. records were displayed.

Here is a picture of his grave site. On either side of him are his parents. We didn't really get to pause and look closer. It was still raining and we didn't have an umbrella so we had to run from one spot to the other.
Here is the outside.

Along with the tour of Graceland we got to look at a museum filled with different cars that Elvis owned or purchased at one time or another. So I had to get a picture next to the pink Cadillac!
We also got to tour his planes as well. Unfortunately, right when we got onto the plane Morgan decided she was done. So we quickly walked thru the plane and headed back to the motorhome. We got back on the road and made it safely to my sister's house in one piece.

Thanks again Kerry for driving Morgan and I across the country! We had a great time and we hope you did too.

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