Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cross Country adventure days 1 and 2

I'M HOME! Of course you probably didn't even know that I had left :). Well I did and this is why.

My father-in-law was taking a trip in his motorhome to the east coast and he offered to drive Morgan and me to Tennessee to see my family. A lot of my family hasn't seen Morgan yet. So, eventhough I was a little cautious about taking my 5 month old baby across the country in a motorhome, I jumped at the chance to see my family.

Kerry (my father-in-law) loves to travel and he loves to stop and sight see along the way. Which was great for me because I think it is fun to see little places that some people might overlook. We started our Trip on a Thursday and arrived in Tennessee on Monday and we saw some neat stuff in between.

Start in Corona, California-Stop in Flagstaff, Arizona

On our first day of travel our only real stop to sight see was along the old route 66. We got out to stretch our legs and see some shops. Here are some pictures from that day.


Start in Flagstaff, Arizona-Stop in Amarillo, Texas

We started off this day by seeing a meteor crater that is about a mile across and 2.4 miles in circumference . At the crater's location there was a information center and a movie, but what I found most interesting was that it was privately owned. How strange would it be to have a meteor crater passed down to you from your relatives.

Wal-mart.....I am usually not a big fan of that corporation and I try to go elsewhere for my shopping, BUT did you know that they will let you park your motorhome in their parking lot over night for free? I didn't and I think it is great.That is what we did for most of our trip. Of course it is brilliant on their part too. I mean if you are parked outside of a Wal-mart you can usually think of something you "need" to buy.

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