Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nashville Zoo

My oldest sister, Lezlea is now a grandmother. I don't know if any of you remember my nephew Cory (previously Courtney), but he is now the father of a little boy and girl. There were several little kids hanging around so my sister thought it would be fun to take them ALL to the zoo. (CRAZY!)

I was going to be meeting up with my friend in Nashville so it made since to have a little fun in that area before I met up with her. The only problem was...that morning I woke up to Morgan throwing up. I mean she spits up here and there, but I have never experienced this as a I was a little worried. I didn't know if I should take her or stay home. I knew I didn't want to be in Tennessee and not get to see my friend, but I just didn't know what to do. All the other moms around me said they thought it was allergies. I finally decided they were right because Morgan was still in pretty good spirits despite everything she was going through. So...we packed up the cars and went.

I hate to say it, but the Nashville zoo was kind of disappointing. My two favorite things to see are the gorillas and giraffes and I didn't see either. We didn't even get to see the elephants. They were worried about rain so they had them inside. The zoo does have a pretty awesome playground for the kids. I know if I were little I would have been all about it.

Unfortunately, the zoo was was going to rain. Right as we were headed out to the parking lot, it started to rain. HARD! I actually miss those kind of storms. The kind that come on like a light switch and have  rain drops as big as your head. We looked like we had jumped in the swimming pool by the time we actually made it to the car.

Here are some pictures before we got drenched.

Front row: Calvin, Carmen (my nephew's kids)Brent's son Adam, Morgan, and Julia ( a little girl my sis-in-law babysits.) Back row: Rebekah and Hannah-Brent's daughters
This is one view of the playground. It branches out on both sides. It was pretty big.

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